About the Artist

Tiffany Marie is a wildlife artist who began painting part time 3 years ago, shipping to over half the United States in the process. Extremely popular on social media, she utilized Facebook as her primary sales channel. She went full time in 2018, and has began to fully explore the "local" Sioux Falls art scene, about an hour away from the studio.
The Year of 2019 has seen Tiff invited to Artists of the Plains, invitations from various wildlife events, auctions and charities such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Big Sioux Chapter, SD Outdoor Adventure Foundation and Pheasant Country; in May of 2019, she was invited to her first jurored art show, where she won 1st place.
As she delivers her original and limited edition prints across the US, while expanding locally in the tri-state area of Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa, Tiff seeks to stand out as a leader in her own expression of non-traditional wildlife art. Her talent comes to life while utilizing mixed media (primarily acrylic, watercolor and oil) on a variety of mediums such as canvas, burlap and most recently, skate boards! Vibrant colors, jaw dropping attention to detail and a focus on the animals themselves, rather than the background, creates stunning imagery of fantastical contemporary realism.
Tiff loves the challenge that every painting brings, enjoying a fulfilling process which lowers her anxiety and calms her mind; which is good, because as an introvert, as success breeds popularity, popularity breeds stress and stress just breeds more painting!
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